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Tutorials: Connecting Receiver and PC Sound Card Sunday, April 21, 2024

We suggest that you connect your PC sound card to the receiver or amplifier of your stereo system just like a tape deck. So you can record the music from your radio as well as from the cd player, record player or tape deck with the computer and listen to it over the speakers at the same time or play it back. Toggling the Tape Monitor button of the receiver changes wheather you hear the original source directly or through your PC.

Cable Connections:

  1. Sound Card Line-Out -> Receiver Tape/Play
  2. Sound Card Line-In -> Receiver Tape/Rec

If your Receiver has two Tape in/outputs, connect the PC as Tape 1 and your tape deck as Tape 2!

You need two audio sound card cables.

Receiver Source Settings

  1. Tuner/Radio and Tape Monitor -or-
  2. CD and Tape Monitor -or-
  3. Phono and Tape Monitor -or-
  4. Tape 2 and Tape 1 Monitor

Sound Card Source Settings

Open your mixer by double clicking the little speaker icon near the system clock. Activate/unmute Line-in.

You should hear the source - tuner, CD, LP, tape through your speakers.

If you hear a loud humming, you might need a ground loop isolator for your tuner or connected tv set/vcr.

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