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Tutorials: Harddisk usage of recorded audio files Wednesday, July 24, 2024

This chart displays the disk usage of recorded audio files of different recording durations and recording formats or bitrates. Values in green are smaller than the capacity of a DVD-R (4.38 GB). The common bitrate to store music is 128 kbit/s (kilobits per second or thousand bits per second).

Chart: Harddisk usage

Duration / Bitrate /
Harddisk Usage
WAV 44100 Hz, stereo MP3 / WMA / OGG / MP2
1410 kbit/s 256 kbit/s 128 kbit/s 64 kbit/s 32 kbit/s 28 kbit/s 24 kbit/s 16 kbit/s
1 min10.1 MB1.8 MB0.9 MB0.5 MB0.2 MB0.2 MB0.2 MB0.1 MB
5 mins50.4 MB9.2 MB4.6 MB2.3 MB1.1 MB1.0 MB0.9 MB0.6 MB
10 mins100.9 MB18.3 MB9.2 MB4.6 MB2.3 MB2.0 MB1.7 MB1.1 MB
30 mins302.6 MB54.9 MB27.5 MB13.7 MB6.9 MB6.0 MB5.1 MB3.4 MB
1 hour605.1 MB109.9 MB54.9 MB27.5 MB13.7 MB12.0 MB10.3 MB6.9 MB
6 hours3.5 GB659.2 MB329.6 MB164.8 MB82.4 MB72.1 MB61.8 MB41.2 MB
12 hours7.1 GB1.3 GB659.2 MB329.6 MB164.8 MB144.2 MB123.6 MB82.4 MB
18 hours10.6 GB1.9 GB1.0 GB494.4 MB247.2 MB216.3 MB185.4 MB123.6 MB
1 day14.2 GB2.6 GB1.3 GB659.2 MB329.6 MB288.4 MB247.2 MB164.8 MB
2 days28.4 GB5.1 GB2.6 GB1.3 GB659.2 MB576.8 MB494.4 MB329.6 MB
3 days42.5 GB7.7 GB3.9 GB1.9 GB1.0 GB865.2 MB741.6 MB494.4 MB
1 week99.3 GB18.0 GB9.0 GB4.5 GB2.3 GB2.0 GB1.7 GB1.1 GB
2 weeks198.6 GB36.0 GB18.0 GB9.0 GB4.5 GB3.9 GB3.4 GB2.3 GB
3 weeks297.8 GB54.1 GB27.0 GB13.5 GB6.8 GB5.9 GB5.1 GB3.4 GB
1 month425.5 GB77.2 GB38.6 GB19.3 GB9.7 GB8.4 GB7.2 GB4.8 GB
6 weeks595.7 GB108.1 GB54.1 GB27.0 GB13.5 GB11.8 GB10.1 GB6.8 GB
2 months850.9 GB154.5 GB77.2 GB38.6 GB19.3 GB16.9 GB14.5 GB9.7 GB
3 months1,276.4 GB231.7 GB115.9 GB57.9 GB29.0 GB25.3 GB21.7 GB14.5 GB
4 months1,701.9 GB309.0 GB154.5 GB77.2 GB38.6 GB33.8 GB29.0 GB19.3 GB
5 months2,127.3 GB386.2 GB193.1 GB96.6 GB48.3 GB42.2 GB36.2 GB24.1 GB
6 months2,552.8 GB463.5 GB231.7 GB115.9 GB57.9 GB50.7 GB43.5 GB29.0 GB
7 months2,978.3 GB540.7 GB270.4 GB135.2 GB67.6 GB59.1 GB50.7 GB33.8 GB
8 months3,403.7 GB618.0 GB309.0 GB154.5 GB77.2 GB67.6 GB57.9 GB38.6 GB
9 months3,829.2 GB695.2 GB347.6 GB173.8 GB86.9 GB76.0 GB65.2 GB43.5 GB
1 year5,176.5 GB939.8 GB469.9 GB235.0 GB117.5 GB102.8 GB88.1 GB58.7 GB

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