Gerald Riechmann

Loop Recorder

Loop Recorder

Loop Recorder is our award-winning sound recording software for Windows. Designed for the home consumer, it is licensed to customers in all parts of the world. The advanced version Loop Recorder Pro targets music professionals such as radio stations.

Our customers are international broadcasting companies, governmental institutions, criminal investigation departments, airports, the NASA and thousands of home users worldwide.

Desktop Calendar

Desktop Calendar

Desktop Calendar is an application for the Windows Active Desktop. It transforms the Desktop into a picture calendar with monthly changing images.

CeBIT 2004

2004: CeBIT Exhibitor - CoBPIA Project

Presentation of the research results of the CoBPIA project (Collaborative Business Processes based on Intelligent Agents).

Development of business process scenarios under Collaxa/BPEL4WS. Collaxa is now known as Oracle BPEL Process Manager.

Fraunhofer FOKUS

2004: Project "Netmate Remote Monitor" for Fraunhofer FOKUS

Development of a PHP based user interface to monitor distributed network measurement tools for Fraunhofer FOKUS.

CeBIT 2003

2003: CeBIT Exhibitor - "Usability Now!"

CeBIT 2003: Presentation of the DATech methodology.


2001-2003: Project KI-Smile

KI-Smile is a research project of the TU-Berlin and the FH-Potsdam.

Development of web based surveys, realization of video monitored usability checks.

Demotopia Online-Forschung

2000-2001: Demotopia Online-Forschung

Demotopia Online-Forschung runs media- and marketing research in the internet. We survey the internet presence and how much of the target market is reached in the constantly expanding medium.

CeBIT 2001

2001: CeBIT Exhibitor - "Erfolgreichere Websites"

At the CeBIT 2001 we presented our research results on more successful websites through target group specific traffic analyses as well as...

IFA 2001

2001: IFA Exhibitor - "Erfolgreichere Websites" the IFA 2001.

Siemens I&S

2001: Project "Information Gateway" for the Siemens AG, I&S IT Plant Solutions

The Information Gateway is a web application for the intranet. It manages the transfer of large files from insecure to secure environments. I developed this software for the Siemens AG, I&S IT Plant Solutions, Erlangen, Germany for one of their customer companies.


1999: Article "Selbstabreißer", c't Computer Magazine 2/99

The article by Thomas and Gerald Riechmann deals with Active Desktop programming. It was published in the german computer magazine c't, Verlag Heinz Heise GmbH & Co KG, Hannover.


1996-2000: Various Projects for the G+J BerlinOnline GmbH

Various web applications for the information and entertainment portal BerlinOnline, G+J BerlinOnline GmbH, Berlin, Germany.


1996: CD-ROM Project "Netzwerk Medizin" for the Hoechst AG

Production of a CD-ROM with a hypertext based information system of medical preparations for medical professionals, developed for the Hoechst AG, Dortmund, Germany.

Projekt MedWeb

1995-1996: Webmaster "Projekt MedWeb"

Setup and administration of the website of the Medical School at Münster University, Germany.

Poster: Medical Websites in Germany: a status report and critical analysis

Ganslandt T, Fischer C, Riechmann G, Prokosch HU, Köpcke W
Poster at AMIA 1996 annual fall symposium in Washington DC, Oct. 1996

Paper: Erfahrungen mit dem Betrieb des medizinischen W3-Servers an der Universität Münster

Ganslandt T, Fischer C, Riechmann G, Osada N, et al
Tagungsband der 41. Jahrestagung der GMDS vom 15.-19. Sept. 1996 (in press)

Paper: Aufbau eines medizinischen Informationssystems im World Wide Web an der WWU Münster

Ganslandt T, Fischer C, Riechmann G, Frye B, et al
Tagungsband des Kongresses "Qualität der Lehre" in Münster vom 8.-10. Feb. 1996 (in press)

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