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Loop Recorder Pro System Requirements Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows 98SE and a standard sound card. A full duplex sound card is suggested.

Windows NT 4 users need to install the Service Pack 6a (or better) and the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (or better) plus the Microsoft HTML Help Update to use the help system.

Windows 95/98 users: --> The Windows Media runtimes require at least Windows 98SE, so you will not be able to save in the Windows Media format (WMA).

Compatible MP3 Encoders

Although we suggest to use the Windows Media format, Loop Recorder is shipped with a basic MP3 encoder. To save MP3s with higher bitrates you need:

  • Fraunhofer's Professional Codec is included in Windows Media Player 10 (for Windows XP or better): Setup-Tutorial. Alternatively it can be purchased from Opticom. The Opticom product code is PRP-2A. Please contact Opticom, and make sure to mention "ACM Encoder" in the subject of your mail. This codec is recommended for professional usage.
  • Lame_Enc.dll or BladeEnc.dll compatible encoders (freeware).

MP2: The commercial MP2-Codec QDesign MPEG ACM is recommended for professional usage in broadcasting companies, where the MPEG-Layer-2 format is common.

Archive Recording Disk Space

Temporary disk space: The Archive Recording mode requires at least 700 MB, better 1-2 GB (hourly saving).

Audio archive disk space: The archive recording produces audio data of 1.3 GB per day at a bitrate of 128 kBit/s (almost CD quality). That are 9 GB per week and 40 GB per month.

Realtime sound encoding: Your computer has to be fast enough to encode the data to WMA/OGG/MP2/MP3 in realtime. Otherwise the uncompressed data on the harddisk will continuously grow. For one source a Pentium 400 or better is recommended. Plus you should disable too extravagant screensavers.

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